Uncertain Subjects Part II (2018)

The Subjects: Expanding on Uncertain Subjects Part I and in recognition of the fact that the consequences of leaving the European Union would be experienced just as much by British nationals as by European citizens resident in the UK, Uncertain Subjects Part II opened up to include those 48.3% who had not supported the leave vote.It gave a voice to those who felt like they had become alienated within their own country, irrespective of their citizenship, and for those who in the immediate aftermath of the referendum felt as if they had no representation in parliament; A representation denied to them under the guise of democracy. Many of the people included in this series had decided to leave the UK because of the new nationalist sentiment and inward looking positions that came to the surface through the referendum result and the nationalist and protectionist sentiment they represented. 

Where and How: Uncertain Subjects Part II was performed as Part of the Art Night Open, London, 2018. The billboard, 4 meters above ground level, was positioned next to the Leak Street Tunnel in Central London. A team of helpers each dressed in Uncertain Subject overalls were performing the work, most notably the billboard plasterer shifting and moving a six-meter tall wooden ladder. 

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