Uncertain Subjects, Great Eastern Wall (2019)

Four stills from the Uncertain Subjects Performances currently installed on the Great Eastern Wall.

the one

Nikita for wall

Nikita Shergill, Speculating in anthropology, writing and photography, British “Brexit reminds me of being different in the playground. I can’t tell whether I belong.”

installation shot 7


Simon Chater, Company Director, Greenink, British “I don’t want to spend my declining years watching my country decline.”

Gaia Ladler, Structural Engineer, British; “It feels like my identity as a European is under attack.”

femi and finn for wall

Femi Oluwole, Pro EU Campaigner, British; “Because the UK has no written constitution, the government could do whatever it likes to us tomorrow. The EU treaties protect, not just UK citizens, but the integrity of the country.”

Finn Kew, Student, British and Dutch; ” Now I fee like I ma stuck between two shores, adrift and confused.


Great Eastern Wall A&C

Atau Tanaka, Composer and Professor, American “This vote seems to have less to do with leaving Europe and more to do with personal political ambitions where people’s livelihood and wellbeing are recklessly put on the line under the misguided interpretations of identity and sovereignty.”

Catherine Yass, Artist, British, “Creativity and free thinking depend on diversity, the open flow of ideas, exchange, conversation. The arts are one of the UK’s leading industries and without our neighbours we will be impoverished, both financially and in our hearts and minds. It is vital to the arts we stay in the EU.”

installation shot 3