Uncertain Subjects (2017)


Set against the conflicted background of a post referendum and pre-Brexit Britain, Uncertain Subjects PartI was a mail art project that situated itself between artwork, historic document and activism. the project took as a starting point the unprecedented situation of the 3,000,000 Europeans whose existence in the UK was under threat following the referendum. The work called attention to those who had made Britain their home sharing their intellectual, cultural and financial capital under the understanding that their residency status was a right that they would be entitled to exercise indefinitely. I sought out colleagues and friends who were subject to this new set of circumstances, who had had no influence over the decision and whose lives and future in the UK were now uncertain. Each subject was photographed with bare shoulders in their home environment and each portrait was then turned into a post card.

An integral part of the work was its circulation as a mail art project and the decision making process involved upon their arrival with the addressee. Recipients of the cards would be faced with the decision of their future. What to do with these objects (or Uncertain Subjects)? Do they stack the card (person) in a pile of papers, pin it to the wall or simply dispose of it? 

Each of the post cards contained the following information:

Title of the Series: Uncertain Subjects 

Name of the person photographed


Number of children(if the sitter wanted this included)

Number of years in the UK

Non-confirmed resident status

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