Rock Concert II

Uta Kögelsberger in collaboration with Atau Tanaka, with contributions by Will Edmondes, Mariam Rezaei and the Noise Choir

Loosely based on the notion of a ritualistic “stop the rain dance” Rock Concert II is a response to the increase of rainfall due to climate change. Recordings of individual raindrops captured during heavy rainfall in the mouth of a disused mine, with experimental recording techniques are handed over to sound artists including Atau Tanaka, Will Edmondes, The Noise Choir and Mariam Rezaei.

Installation Shot the Boiler House
The Rocks

An 8 channel sound installation of free standing, simulated “rock-speakers” spread live mixes creating trancelike, rhythmic and ritualistic soundscapes hovering between abstraction and dance track. The work takes its cue from the previous video installation ‘Playing the Cave’.


Click below for audio Atau Tanaka and Mariam Rezaei:


Click below for audio from Noize Choir performance

the noize choir 4
Noise Choir Performance