Never Hatched (2015)

These are the photographs of the un-hatched eggs of the last golden eagle in England. The bird moved to the Lake District in 2010 attracted by the female resident bird. After many failed attempts to procreate the female bird passed away. The male, now left behind, continued to build nests of ever increasing size and to perform the eagle’s sky dance to attract a new mate. Magnified on a scale of 1 to 300 the eggs begin to resemble planets, each bearing distinct characteristics different from the others, each bearing witness to the eagle’s failure to procreate, to hope and and unfulfilled potential. 

This work was developed as part of  New Expressions Commission in collaboration with the Cumbria Museum Consortium and exhibited at Abbot Hall


L.A. Book Project

LA book project consisted of a series of photographic diptychs that highlight the difference between a city and its image. Each double page presents a contradiction such as for example the actual skyline of the city and its painted, fictional duplicate; the rooftop Jacuzzi party next to the film shoot of CIS New York, being shot in Los Angeles. The double images echoes Rorschach prints, where one side is not quite the perfect reproduction of its opposite.

Antipodes (2014)

The Antipode series consists of a series of photographic diptychs always juxtaposing two exactly opposite points of the globe in a single image. The work was shot in a three-week period, traveling from Spain, to Peru, from Peru to Hawaii, to New Zealand, to Thailand and finally to Botswana, covering the stretches of the globe. The series visually collapses geographical space to present a world inextricably connected.

Urban Myths (2008-2012)

Urban Myths juxtaposes those American cities that have seemingly grown overnight out of unlikely and often inhospitable environments that can not support them, from the swamps of Miami, to the dry desert of the America West. These images capture how the cities bleed out into their surroundings; be it through the radiating glow of the urban night lighting up the desert or the trails of cars or planes attracted to the urban centres like moths to the light.