Orchestra of Rocks: Not A Rock Concert (2017)

in collaboration with Atau Tanaka and invited sound artists and DJ’s Dane Law, Nathalia, name, Shelley Parker, Tom Richards

As part of the Art Night Associate Programme in collaboration with Whitechapel Art Gallery, St Olaves Church was transformed into an immersive environment of sculptural installation and sound. Free standing, simulated “rock-speakers” each radiated the live mixes based on recordings of individual raindrops captured with experimental recording techniques by Uta Kögelsberger. These recordings were handed over to on site sound artists to develop live improvisations hovering between abstraction and dance track. The work took its cue from Kögelsberger’s the previous video installation Playing the Cave – a playful evocation of ancient rituals, myth and man’s desire, often futile, to gain control over nature.

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