Never Hatched (2015)

These are the photographs of the un-hatched eggs of the last pair of golden eagles in England. The male bird moved to the Lake District attracted by the female resident bird. After many failed attempts to procreate the female bird passed away. At the time the work was produced, the male, now left behind, continued to build nests of ever increasing size and to perform the eagle’s sky dance in order to attract a new mate. Magnified on a scale of 1 to 300 the eggs begin to resemble planets, each bearing distinct characteristics different from the others, each bearing witness to the eagle’s failure to procreate, to hope and unfulfilled potential.

The work was developed in collaboration with the Cumbria Museum Consortium and funded through a New Expressions Commission: an Arts Council England National pathfinder programme that fosters collaboration between contemporary artists and museums.

Please follow the link below for an Interview about the projects produced in the context of the New Expressions Commissions: