Waiting for Los Angeles (2014-2015)


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The video work ‘Waiting for Los Angeles’ draws a portrait of Los Angeles through the eyes of one of its few truly democratic public spaces, Griffith’s Park. Griffith’s Park was donated to the City of Los Angeles under the provisor that it would remain open to the public and not exploited for financial profit. With its prime location in the middle of this massive urban sprawl, to this day the park attracts people from all walks of life. By position a camera and waiting for the people to pass the city passes by you revealing itself through the lens of the glances on snippets of people’s lives.

Shot over a two year period and edited down from roughly 300 hours of footage to 1 hour and 12 minutes, the work describes this quintessentially post modern-city that is so resistant to interpretation through a consistent single frame. The users of the park enter the frame like a stage becoming participants in this 20th Century Waiting for Godot where all the little nothings describe a bigger narrative.