South by Southwest (2015)


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The video installation South by Southwest was developed during an extended stay in the Lake District. It was exhibited alongside the photographic installation of the un-hatched eggs of the last pair of golden eagles in England.

The work traces the movements of the eagles pair in through the notes of the bird watcher and author of Call of the Eagle, Dave Walker.Walker was employed by the RSPB from 1979 to study the pair and protect it from disturbance. Initially the male moved to the lake district to cohabit with the female bird. They tried to procreate repeatedly without success until the female passed away in 2008.The male, now left behind, continued to build nests of ever increasing size and to perform the eagle’s sky dance to attract a new mate. At the time of filming he had been tracking the birds for over 30 years.

Walker’s words, readings from his meticulous tracking notes, rethink the picturesque landscape of the Lake District by superimpose eagle-defined co-ordinates over the territory. They propose a new kind of mapping of this landscape where human and non-human living spaces come together in mixed arrangement of knowledge and ecology. The work proposes a world of relations, abstractions, spaces where the eagle’s movements replace human co-ordinates.

The shots of the eagles territory are intersected with shots from Walker’s living room, a testimony to his 30 year relationship to the bird.

The video was developed in collaboration with the Cumbria Museum Consortium and funded through a New Expressions Commission: an Arts Council England National pathfinder programme that fosters collaboration between contemporary artists and museums.

Please follow the link below for an Interview about the projects produced in the context of the New Expressions Commissions:

Please follow this link for an Interview about the projects produced as part of the New Expressions Commissions